June 26, 2020
Crocodile Barbecue
Crocodile Barbecue !!! That’s it. Meat of Crocodile can be cook in different ways like chicken, pork etc…As the most valuable Things of Crocodile is its Skin. Crocodile ‘s meat is considered a byproduct , but it has proven to be incredibly lean , full of Protein and low in Cholesterol. In Thailand , there...
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Sriracha Tiger Zoo area
Elephant Hula Hula Show Sriracha Tiger Zoo , It’s a mix of Zoo & Recreational & Amusement Park where you can enjoy & experience Animal Funny Show from Elephants, Tiger, Crocodile and well-trained Pigs. In addition, there are many activities that allow visitors to interact with Animals. More over, the area is full of many...
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